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Navigate HR is a Human Resource Consulting and coaching company with the skills and ability to create thriving, empowered and motivated leaders. We create strategies that are the roadmap for success for any organization. We understand the needs of your company and adapt to create specific strategies tailored specifically to your needs by creating, building and implementing a plan capable of achieving your business success and growth.

With years of experience in the field, we are experts in the HR industry and capable of bringing a unique perspective that differentiates use from all other HR consultants. On top of our regular strategies for growth, we focus our efforts on creating leaders through personal and integral coaching as well. This means that your employees will feel aligned and loyal to your business, because of a solid support system that’s meant to lead them to success, ultimately creating a feeling of belonging and affiliation to your organizarion.

Our goal is to offer coaching an HR guidance that will have a major impact on your organization by helping you develop a strong relationship with your team, making you approachable and letting them feel they can achieve anything they want — with the right tools and strategies

Our Mission

Growing organizations through expert HR and coaching guidance that creates empowered and loyal leaders.

Our Vision

To transform Human Resource departments and people, by forming leaders and empowering employees through expert HR and coaching guidance.

Our Values

Trust | Leadership | Influence Compassion | Authenticity | Partnership

Beth Boyden

Beth Boyden is the Owner/Principal Consultant at Navigate HR, LLC, an organization and leadership development, executive coaching and human resource consulting business. With more than 18 years of experience, she has a passion for providing solutions to optimize the intersection of people and business performance with a focus on HR capability & customer focus, operational effectiveness, HR strategy in alignment with business needs and enhancing the employee experience aimed at transforming culture, teams and individuals.

Her previous experience includes leadership positions within human resources and spans multiple industry segments including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Supply Chain/Distribution and Consumer Packaged Goods.

She’s focused on offering the opportunity to create engaged and empowered employees that are capable of growing your business. With years of experience within the HR industry, Beth has a unique perspective that differentiates her from other consultants. With Beth, you aren’t only getting a highly qualified HR expert, but also a bold, trustworthy coach, that’s capable of empowering both the Human Resources department within your company, and your employees or team as well. Beth understands that engaged employees means they will become more aligned with your companies’ culture, therefore working with more motivation and dedication to make your business even more successful.

Beth creates a process and practice that takes the heavy lifting out of changes within your business while being strategic and tactical. On top of that, she builds a roadmap to success through strategies, tactics and a human touch that is professional and trustworthy.


I feel very honored and blessed that my company, Navigate HR LLC, could support this amazing running team! Love our local high school connection and partnering with such a trailblazer. Their journey is one of leadership, influence, compassion, authenticity and boldness – all of which match the values Navigate HR brings out in people and businesses.

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