Team Coaching

Team coaching is a powerful development intervention that brings individuals together to develop their awareness, skills and learning as a team, helping them learn how to become more efficient, effective and focused whether you are a management team, leadership team, newly formed team or a team that has been working together for years.

We will design and customize a team coaching program that is right for you. Navigate HR works with teams who want to:

  • Create a stronger foundation of trust
  • Identify, explore and leverage team strengths and styles
  • Learn to navigate change more easily
  • Enhance communication with the ability to have courageous conversations
  • Create team agreements and accountability for results
  • Increase quality of relationships amongst team members

Team Coaching sessions may be held as intensive ½ day or full day in-person sessions with follow up coaching or shorter sessions scheduled over several months.

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Coaching is for executives and leaders who want to increase their leadership effectiveness and impact. One on one coaching will focus on your goals, emotional intelligence and leadership skills. You will partner with your coach to create an action plan with goal-focused outcomes. And along the way you will see an increase in your self-awareness, interpersonal effectiveness and overall productivity.

Coaching Session Format – Your Action & Accountability Partner:

  • Review progress and completion of action items from previous session
  • Celebrate successes
  • Review progress, discuss course corrections and adjustments and make new commitments
  • Discuss and provide insight to new issues that arise since last session
  • Determine new priorities and completion timelines

Sessions are scheduled weekly, twice a month or bi-monthly, based upon your desired trajectory for change. We strongly recommend setting up a regular cadence for coaching sessions to maximize your velocity in driving change, building momentum and getting your goals achieved more rapidly.

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