Leadership Development

Leadership Development: Turning Team Members into Team Leaders

Supporting employee success is an important investment for any business. Losing productive employees can impact operations and customer satisfaction. Therefore, dedicating time to leadership development is a strategy for staying competitive.

The leadership development path progresses from supervisory and team lead, to managing, then advanced leadership and finally executive development.

5 Steps to Unlocking Potential in Your Employees

Navigate HR will utilize the following steps to customize a robust leadership development program for you. Leadership training is imperative to building skilled leaders that understand your business and have the emotional IQ for management of teams. It is so important for your culture!

1. Strong Executive Involvement

Preparing for the future workforce is critical to business strategy, growth and performance. To succeed, management must commit to developing policy and programs that address:

  • Role and relevance of people strategy
  • Changing demographics and evolving definitions of work
  • Leadership ability and cultivation
  • Employee wants and needs
  • Talent Development
2. Tailor Your Definition of Leadership Skills

Practically every organization has ideas about what it takes to be an outstanding leader. We will work with you to develop formal competency models (descriptions of knowledge, skills, personal characteristics and behaviors of effective leaders) to use for assessment of current managers, identification of high-potential executive talent, performance appraisals and leadership development.

3. Align with Business Strategies

Whatever key business purpose your company emphasizes, whether it is customer intimacy, technology, cost or disruptive innovation, your workplace practices must reflect this strategy.

4. Target Multiple Levels of Leadership

It’s not realistic or feasible to coach everyone to achieve the same level of leadership. Depending on structure, we will build a plan to develop up to five tiers of leadership: Lead Self, Lead Others, Lead Leaders, Lead Organizations and Lead Strategy.

5. Identify and Train Leadership Candidates

At this point, you have your defined leadership competencies, aligned them with your company business strategy and you are ready to grow! Now what? Train, train, train…Build a training program that will assist your leadership team members gain the skills and knowledge needed to be successful.

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